Sunday, December 1, 2013

November Balloon Pictures

Thank you so much parents for allowing me to be a part of your child's Angel Birthday.  As I made each balloon my heart was touched.  The weather kept me from getting a few out door shots.  I wish it had been perfect weather for all of the balloons this November.  My heart aches as so many of you were affected by November loss.  I hope your pictures & balloon transfers helped to make your day easier.  We all care at Fittsie's Angels Balloons on Facebook & this website.  Please feel free to comment!

Hugs & love,
Gale Fitts                                  November 2013  Angel Balloons

                                                 November 7th  Andrew James

November 14th  Zahraa Angel
November 15th  Adrian
November 17th   Michaela
November 19th  Nya Catherine Rose
November 19th  Scarlett Rose
November 20th   Eve
November 20th  Charlotte
"twin sister of Marianne"
Little Princess
Twins Charlotte & Marianne Together
November 21st  Marianne
Twin sister to Charlotte
"Fighter Girl"
Twin Balloon Pictures
Cloudy weather prevented outdoor balloon shots.
November 23 - 25  Riley
"so wanted, so loved, so missed"
(Rain prevented outdoor shots of Riley's balloon)
November 24 - 29   Autumn
(weather prevented outdoor pictures)
November 26th   Joey Mark Garrington
Mummy & Daddy love & miss you so much darling.
Happy First Angel Birthday!
I love your butterfly theme for Joey.
(weather conditions did not allow for outdoor photos)
November 27th  Nevaeh's Due Date
"Our Princess"
                                              (weather prevented outdoor shots)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

October 15th "Wave of Light" Balloon Pictures

Thank you parents for celebrating October 15th "Wave of Light" by allowing me the privilege to make your precious angel on this special remembrance day.  Your balloon transfers are ready to be mailed out next week.  I hope you enjoy them as a keepsake.  The pictures below are in no special order.


Xylaly Maggie
Arabelle Grace
Harry, Jasper & Froja  (triplets)


Timothy Jr.
Thank you!
Fittsie's Angels Balloons