Sunday, March 24, 2013

April Angel Birthday Sign Ups!

I have a few signed up for April. 

April 4th  Trey
         6th   Tiger
        14th  Samuel Evan
        22-24  Evelynn
        25th    Wyatt

There is still time to sign up for your specail angels's birthday balloon.


March 2013 Balloons & Releases!

March was a busy month!  I enjoyed making these balloons for your little angels.  I hope in some way it made their angel birthday's kinder for you.  If you did not get your child's balloon pictures emailed to you, please contact me through my email.

March 6:

                                                     Aidan's First Angel Birthday

                                                     Beach Release                         

March 10th                                     Tossie's 1/2  Angel Birthday
Tossie's Beach Release
March 9th is for Janessa's 3rd Angel birthday
Janessa's Beach Photo
March 11      Jamie's Balloon
Jamie's Beach Photo
March 15th is Evie's 5th Angel Birthday

                                                             Evie's Beach Release
March 16th is for Lily's 1st Angel birthday
Lily's Beach Photo
March 18th    Katalina Grace's 1st Angel birthday balloon
Katalina Grace's Beach Photo
March 20th     Kaylea Blair's 9th Angel Birthday Balloon
Kaylea's Beach Balloon
March 21   Kylee Ann 5th Angel birthday
Kylee Ann's Beach Photo
March 23    Finley's 1st Angel Birthday  Balloon
Finley's Beach Release
Way into the beautiful blue sky!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Going To Try For A Balloon Release Today!

It looks like we might can find a time between cloud cover for a balloon release today!    Keep your fingers crossed the wind doesn't get in the way!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday March 16th Weather Delay

The sun finally came out and I had high hopes the winds would die down.  They are really forceful.  I just got back from outside.  There is no way I can do an ocean or dock release today.  I am so sorry for the delay.  It is forecast for the wind to calm down tomorrow.


Watching the Weather!

I had bad weather yesterday, March 15th for a balloon release.  The winds were blowing just to hard.
Today, they are blowing hard once more and it is cloudy.  I am still on "weather alert."  The winds will take them just so fast and I won't be able to get a picture for you.  Also, I have to make the balloons the day I release them because they last only for 4 hours to fly high.  Everything is ready here, just the weather is holding things up.  So sorry!!!  Will keep you posted on my FB page.

Monday, March 11, 2013

A Balloon for Jamie

Today is for Jamie.  Mom let me design this one on my own.  I hope you like it!  The green color of this balloon made it show up for a long time while flying high in the sky! xx

                                                                  For Jamie    March 11



                                                                        The Ocean Release!
                                                   Then it took off and flew high!

                                                   Jamie we wish you were here.....                                                             

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tossie's Balloon

Today is Tossie's 1/2 year angel birthday in Heaven.  I created a balloon for her by using a new color balloon, Robin's Egg Blue.  She has her name in cream and butterflies and pink roses!

                                                          Tossie's Balloon



                                                    Notice the 1/2 candle!

                                                        Ocean Release!

                        It was a windy day!  The ocean winds just took Tossie's balloon & let it soar fast!

                                                            In a flash it was way up high!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ocean Side Balloon Release for Aidan Today!

Aidan's Angel Birthday was March 6.  Today I created a balloon especially for him!  Fly high sweet Aidan.  Here is your balloon!


                                                       The Ocean Release


                                                         Flying high to the sky!                

Ocean Balloon Release for Janessa today!

Here are the pictures of the balloon I created for Janessa's 3rd Angel Birthday!

                                      Now the release!

                                      Fly high sweet angel!  Happy 3rd Heavenly Birthday!           

Saturday, March 2, 2013

My First Balloon Was for Carpenter

Carpenter's Balloon

I got my idea for releasing balloons for each angel's birthday from Annie & her angel, Carpenter.  Annie was hurting so much as Carpenter's first birthday in Heaven was approaching.  The only thing I could think of was to make a balloon and release it for him on February 19th.  So on that date, Carpenter's date, Fittsie's Angel Birthday Balloons was born.