Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Balloon Transfers Are Ready To Be Mailed Out

Hello Everyone,

I hope your day has been kind to you.  I finished all July balloon transfers today.  They are ready to be mailed to the parents of Gabriel Sloan, Jamie Wilson, Matthew (Mattie), Emily Grace, Jack Francis, and Krista Lee's twin sister.  I you have not sent me your mailing address, please do so I can mail these promptly.  It appears that I need everyone's but Jamie's and Gabriel's. 

Here are the pictures of the transfers.  I have put them in plastic clear soft sleeves to protect them as a keepsake for you to always have.  There is no charge for this or mailing.



Sunday, July 28, 2013

July Balloon Photographs

Here are the photographs of the balloons I made for our July Angel Birthdays.  I will show the photographs of the Balloon Transfers I will be mailing out this week as soon as I finish making them!

It was an honor for me to create these balloons for you in remembrance of your children and one twin sister.  I hope they helped in some small way.

                                                   Jamie Wilson's Balloon
                                                             July 6th

Jack's Balloon
July 15th
Gabriel's  Balloon
July 19th
Emily Grace's Balloon
July 24
Matthew (Mattie's) Balloon
July 28th
Krista's Balloon
July 30th
Thank you again for sharing your precious loved ones with me.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July, August, & September Request List

If you haven't signed up your angel's name for these months, please do.  July will be closing the 9th.
* Please note that if you want the artwork transferred from your child's balloon let me know by sending me your mailing address and I will gladly send it to you.  Remember that I create a balloon for your precious angel, let the balloons play around together for the month (they are o cute!) and then transfer the design over to construction paper the same color as your balloon request.  I no longer release the balloons due to my conviction of environment preservation and the fact that helium is needed in hospitals for many reasons including the NICU.

06th - Jamie Wilson
15th - Jack Francis
19th - Gabriel Sloan
24th - Emily Grace
28th - Matthew
30th - Krista Lee Darrow

 1st -  Shane Robert Langley, Jr
 9th - Leyna
 9th - Baby Treave
10th - Annabelle Catalina So
19th - Alanna Phoebe
21st:  Sabrina Brune
21st - Maddison Marier

 4th - Tossie
 5th - Aiden
 5th - Louis
 6th - Corey
13th - Megan
18th - Zachariah Josiah
22nd - Jayla