Saturday, August 31, 2013

New Request And Balloon Information

Hi Everyone,

When requesting a balloon to be made for your angel child, please remember to include the name you want to be put on the balloon.  I still need the child's entire name, date of birth/death, symbols you want to represent your child, color of balloon, parents name, email, AND PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS IF YOU WANT THE TRANSFER OF YOUR CHILD'S BALLOON.  PLEASE INDICATE IF YOU WANT ME TO MAKE A TRANSFER FOR YOU.  IT IS FREE.  A transfer is the decorations of your child's balloon transferred to paper the same color as your balloon, sealed in plastic to preserve it, and then mailed to you as a keepsake.

Request for September balloons will close September 7th, 2013.

Request are now open for October, November and December. Get your request in early so I can get the decorations you want! 


I can no longer put long written phrases ON your balloon, but can tie a message to the balloon.  Three or 4 words are still okay!

Thank you all for allowing me to remember your precious angel children with you.

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August Angel Birthday Balloon Pictures

Butterfly kisses to our August Angels!

August 1st     Robert Shane Langley, Jr.

August 2nd  Finley
August 2nd  Maverick

August 9th   Leyna
August 10th  Annabelle Catalina
August 12     Kaely Ann
August 16th   Hannah Grace
August 19th   Alanna
August 21     Camilo
August 21      Maddison
August 27th    Annaya
August 31  Jimmy

Friday, August 9, 2013

August Balloon Request Are Now Closed; October Is Open!

Request for August balloons are now CLOSED!  September and October are now open!