Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July, August, & September Request List

If you haven't signed up your angel's name for these months, please do.  July will be closing the 9th.
* Please note that if you want the artwork transferred from your child's balloon let me know by sending me your mailing address and I will gladly send it to you.  Remember that I create a balloon for your precious angel, let the balloons play around together for the month (they are o cute!) and then transfer the design over to construction paper the same color as your balloon request.  I no longer release the balloons due to my conviction of environment preservation and the fact that helium is needed in hospitals for many reasons including the NICU.

06th - Jamie Wilson
15th - Jack Francis
19th - Gabriel Sloan
24th - Emily Grace
28th - Matthew
30th - Krista Lee Darrow

 1st -  Shane Robert Langley, Jr
 9th - Leyna
 9th - Baby Treave
10th - Annabelle Catalina So
19th - Alanna Phoebe
21st:  Sabrina Brune
21st - Maddison Marier

 4th - Tossie
 5th - Aiden
 5th - Louis
 6th - Corey
13th - Megan
18th - Zachariah Josiah
22nd - Jayla



  1. Hi Gale,
    Can I sign up Megan for 13th September? I did send you an email but don't think you received it :)

    Karen xx