Sunday, March 24, 2013

March 2013 Balloons & Releases!

March was a busy month!  I enjoyed making these balloons for your little angels.  I hope in some way it made their angel birthday's kinder for you.  If you did not get your child's balloon pictures emailed to you, please contact me through my email.

March 6:

                                                     Aidan's First Angel Birthday

                                                     Beach Release                         

March 10th                                     Tossie's 1/2  Angel Birthday
Tossie's Beach Release
March 9th is for Janessa's 3rd Angel birthday
Janessa's Beach Photo
March 11      Jamie's Balloon
Jamie's Beach Photo
March 15th is Evie's 5th Angel Birthday

                                                             Evie's Beach Release
March 16th is for Lily's 1st Angel birthday
Lily's Beach Photo
March 18th    Katalina Grace's 1st Angel birthday balloon
Katalina Grace's Beach Photo
March 20th     Kaylea Blair's 9th Angel Birthday Balloon
Kaylea's Beach Balloon
March 21   Kylee Ann 5th Angel birthday
Kylee Ann's Beach Photo
March 23    Finley's 1st Angel Birthday  Balloon
Finley's Beach Release
Way into the beautiful blue sky!

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