Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December Angel Birthday Balloon Pictures

         Thank you once more for allowing me to be part of your child's Angel Birthday.
Designing their individual balloons according to your specific requests gives me such a unique feeling of reaching out to help your day go easier.  I was pleased to hear from some of you that you received your Balloon Transfers already.  I mailed the last two this past Monday, so you will get them this week.  I sent Balloon Transfers out only for those who requested them and gave me your mailing address.

Gale Fitts

                                                                December 6
                                                       Elliot's 1st Angel Birthday Balloon


                                                                       December 7
                                                     Riley's First Angel Birthday Balloon

December 14
Liam David's 2nd Angel Birthday Balloon
December 18
Austin's 10th Angel Birthday Balloon
December 27
Elliot Joseph's 13th Angel Birthday Balloon

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