Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 14th Angel Baby Birthday Balloon Release & Photos!

My April 14th Angel Babies:

Samuel Evan

Great beach day for a release! 

Samuel, I don't know if you can see it, but the word "love" has a bunny on the "V."
Samuel, this quilt your balloon is by is the Bunny Quilt I made for my angel, James Collins, Jr 38 years ago.  Do you ever play with him???
               Timothy your mama and daddy wish more than anything that you were in their waiting arms today, April 14th.
Molly, your mommy thought you would like butterflies and tulips!  Very pretty for you!
At the beach along the Atlantic, the winds played with all three balloons!
Welcome to the Southern Outer Banks Molly!
Ready to fly high up in the sky Molly Balloon!
Away she flies in the skies, Molly Balloon!
Samuel Balloon finds the ocean!!!
Fly high to the sky Samuel!
Way to fly!
Timothy Balloon and the salty Atlantic Ocean!

Getting ready to let go of Timothy Balloon!
Timothy's Balloon is going for the clouds!
It was a perfect afternoon!  You may notice that I cut the ties off.  Even though I used paper ties I feel that it is important to cut them in case of entanglement with the sealife of where ever they finally land!  They can stay up for four hours!!!!  Also after I blow up and tie the balloon in a knot, I cut the end band off just it case they were swallowed by wildlife!  This follows the NC laws for balloon releasing!  :)

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  1. Thank you so much for Molly's balloon. It's perfect and I just love it. Floaty kisses to the other little ones who share her birthday and much love to their mummies.
    Clara xxx