Thursday, April 4, 2013

Today With Trey

April 4, 2009 Trey went to be with Jesus. That was 4 years ago. Thus, today is his 4th Angel Birthday or Angelversary. I follow Trey's mother's blog, Angel Steps. You can too. She tells of Trey's fight with Charge Syndrone for 12 days before his fight ended. I should be making a special balloon for Trey today and releasing it. The weather is somewhat cloudy and it is windy, but since I really do try to get the balloons made and released on the angelversary I tried to create one for Trey anyway today. Here is the story. I got up and knowing today was Trey's special day, I re-read some of his mother's blog. Her last few posts were so moving, that despite the weather I felt I just had to do his balloon today. I got his blue balloon and put it on the helium machine and watched it blow up to a nice size. As I was trying to tie a knot to hold the helium in, it got away from me and blew all over the room in a nano split second! So, I gathered it up and put it back on the helium machine and once more blew it up. I was successful in getting it tied off this time! Next, I began chosing the letters to put his name on the blue balloon. Done! The decor continued. As I was putting on the very last finishing touch, it popped with a fury sending the decorations flying everywhere! I gathered them up. I was getting ready to blow up a new blue balloon when I decided that perhaps Trey was telling me he didn't like his balloon. I have truly had feelings when doing my balloons at times! Hmmm... Maybe he wanted wanted another color? I then decided that he wanted me to wait and do his balloon on the next sunny day. He didn't want gray clouds to be the in the background of the picture I would send his mom. Pretty smart signal! So Trey's balloon is getting a weather delay! I learned a lesson from Trey. Angel babies want happy balloons with happy backgrounds! So, I will wait! Message to Trey's mother! Your balloon will be done as soon as I get some sunny weather, which on the NC coast will probably be Saturday!

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  1. Thank you so much for your on-going support! This is a moving story and tribute. I am sure you are right on about Trey wanting his balloon released on a sunny day. How can he see the balloon if it is cloudy!! Thank you again! <3