Friday, May 17, 2013

Fittsie's Angel Baby Mother's Day Event At The Beach

Over 7 dozen angel mommies sign up their blessed angels for my Mother's Day Balloon Release Event.  I was going to fill up the sky with balloons for them!

However, after being contacted by several groups, including marine biologists, I decided not to release 7 dozen balloons.  I could not let the possibility of wildlife digest the remains of my balloons that shred when they fall back to earth and take up to 5 years to disintegrate even when they are biodegradable.

Instead, I remembered all of your precious angels by making a big Mother's Day Card on the beach of the Southern Outer Banks with each of their names and dates written in it.

I have two cards of names.  Everyname is posted.  Just look for your angels.  It still was a glorious day on the beach.  There are many pictures to view.

My heart goes out to each of you.
Pictures of Card One
For all of our son's and daughter's we had to give back
that leave a hole in our hearts....
A yacht passes by to watch...
Now for Pictures of Card 2
More pictures now down by the surf....
Yes, we made it through Mother's Day.
I hope these cards made it easier for you to have a kind day.

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