Friday, May 3, 2013

May Balloon Release Names

First, let me say thank you for signing up your precious angels for a balloon to be released in their memory and honor of their Angelversaries.

Second, the weather is not being kind to us and is not due to be.  I could not release a balloon for my son yesterday for his angel birthday.  The wind needs to calm down here on the NC southern coast!

May's List:

May  2nd  -  James Collins Fitts, Jr.
         4th   -  Grace
         5th  -   Aurora Margaret Bailey
         6th  -  Charlie Reay
         7th  -   Hope Abigail
         8th  -   Thomas  (TJ)
       22nd  -  Asher Ezekial
       23rd  -   Anthony Michael
       30th  -   Molly
       31st  -   Reita Gale Fitts

Yes, I had two of my 4 children born still in the month of May, but 7 years apart.

I hope all of you enjoy the balloons as much I enjoy making them and releasing them.  My husband, James, gets the credit for the photo shoots!

Hugs and blessings,




  1. No worries Gail. Look forward to the photos when the weather finally settles x

  2. Hello, I lost my Jan the sixth month of pregnancy, a balloon with his name thanks!

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    Tank you

  4. Good evening you read my appeal?
    I lost my Jan the 10.10.13 was an afternoon of Thursday ', thanks