Friday, May 17, 2013

May Angel Balloons at the Beach

Here are the May Angel Balloons.  Thank you for giving me your angels' names to create a balloon for each of them.  I hope you are pleased, even though I did not release them due to helping in the cause of helping the environment.  It was one windy day!  Some of the name letters blew off!  One balloon escaped and was caught flying away, but I didn't get a beach photo!

                                                     Precious Charlie Reay's Balloon

Sweet Hope Abigail's Mommy likes yellow, ladybugs and butterflies for her daughter.
                                                          Pink for precious Grace

Stars for Aurora who was named for the Northern Lights
TJ has a dragonfly for his 8th angelversary
A red balloon for Anthony Michael
This is a surprise ballooon for Asher Ezekiel
Gathering the balloons for our trip to the beach!
I wish you could have heard these angel balloons playing with each other as they floated around!
At The Windy Beach!
The surf was definitely up!
Charlie Reay's balloon broke away and took off! I love the pink in the clouds!
Thank you and Happy Angelversaries to all of these special precious angels!

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